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In the age of growing technology, companies are data-driven. At Emergotech, we provide a full end-to-end data science suite, complete with Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and AI services. By delivering tailored solutions to every client, using our powerful and innovative data-driven approach, our goal is to propel your business further than ever.


Full Suite Analytics and Machine Learning

Business Intelligence (BI) leverages software to transform data into actionable intelligence that transforms an organization's strategic business decisions. At Emergotech, our BI team analyzes data sets and present findings in reports, dashboards and data visualizations to provide corporate decision-makers with detailed intelligence about their business.

Business Intelligence


Machine Learning (ML) leverages software to provide accurate predictive outcomes. Our ML team builds complex and robust self-learning algorithms that use statistical analyses to predict an output; continuously improving as new data becomes available. ML systems analyze data and learn new insights, driving better output predictions without human intervention.

Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows machines to learn from experience, adjust to new stimuli and perform human-like tasks. Most AI examples you hear about today — from smart personal assistants to self-driving cars — rely heavily on deep learning and natural language processing. Emergotech's AI team builds intelligent systems that mimic human tasks while continuously performing them both quicker and cheaper.

Data Science


Data science is a multidisciplinary field of data inference, scientific methods and algorithm development intended to solve analytically complex problems. Raw information is stored in data warehouses, then statistical, analytical and machine learning concepts are leveraged to understand actual phenomena with the data. Emeregotech's data experts build more agile organizations by employing data governance principles, to build custom end-to-end data science solutions.


We learn about your business, determine areas for improvement and aggregate the data required for development.
We preprocess the data and build custom algorithms for your business needs.
Our algorithms undergo a grueling testing process to ensure consistent and optimal results.
Our algorithms are integrated and deployed into your business operations to drive powerful insights.
We maintain the integrity of our algorithms as new data becomes available; prescribing actions, re-training algorithms and continuously reporting.

Leverage data science for your business

Through strategic use of data, our clients improve decision making, maximize profits and identify key innovation areas. From retail to finance to operations – our data-driven approach enhances a variety of your business functions, providing strong competitive advantages through superior client experience.


Gather insights related to sales, inventory, customers, and other critical aspects in consumer decision-making processes.


Monitor campaigns, acquire new customers, increase customer loyalty and optimize your marketing spend.


Generate insights on employee performance, engagement levels, churn prediction and organizational change.

Supply chain

Make strategic and operational decisions for your value chain - sourcing, distribution, manufacturing and logistics.


Make better financial decisions, more accurate forecasts, optimize cashflow and curb spending.


Drive insights and foresight on your operational needs, challenges and optimization opportunities.

Tech Stack

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Our team of experienced Business Analysts, Engineers and Data Experts work with you to get you ahead of emerging technologies. We ask questions, look for deeper meaning and analyze to provide data-driven insights.

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